Dancing in the Desert

I have always been subconsciously drawn towards the desert. It may be because I am inherently cold, love to wear nothing but skirts & dresses, squeal with excitement every time I discover a new species of cacti, and enjoy gazing at the sunset/sunrise colors in awe sprawled over the vast desert sky. At heart, I have to say I am a true native born desert baby.


We shot this the day before we took off on our ATV’s riding around and getting lost in the desert! If you haven’t had the chance to ride an ATV yourself, I highly suggest it! It’s so much fun! To anyone who has yet to experience it themselves, I would describe it as similar to the “Indian Jones” ride at Disneyland but YOUR in control. How could anyone resist that adrenaline rush?


Shot by: Nema Saadaie - @mrssadaie 

Styled/Model: Chasity Zamora – @c.earthchild 

Jewelry: Criscara 

Shirt: Forever21

Skirt: Free People 

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